The Northern products of Tornion Panimo
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The Northern products of Tornion Panimo

The taste of Arctic nature.

Tornion Panimo is an Arctic natural brewery, which brews its own beer and distills its liquor by hand, concentrating on the quality. The Tornion Panimo’s beer is currently made with fresh Lapland groundwater and Finnish malt. All Tornion Panimo’s beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized, full malt beer.

The intention of the Tornion Panimo is to exclusively use ingredients grown in Lapland within five years. The ingredients of Lapland are an inspiration for the Tornion Panimo. There is the taste of the northern lingonberry in the celebratory beer that Tornion Panimo recently produced for the Osuuskauppa Arina. The herbs of Lapland can be tasted in the Tornion Panimo’s gin, which will be distributed later this year.

Variety of brewery and distillery products

The beer selection of the Arctic natural brewery, Tornion Panimo, includes Arctic Lager, Arctic Pale Ale and Arctic Stout. Soon the Tornion Panimo will also put a soft North Lager and Czech-like North Pilsner on the market. The distillery products of the Tornion Panimo are Kirkas, Noki salty licorice liquor, Piki tar liquor and Kataja gin. Piki is an updated version of the famous ”Jellona Terwasnapsi” drink which was a very popular drink in the 1990’s, and is still a part of the Alko’s sales catalogue.

When the Tornion Panimo relaunched in the summer of 2016, the company was full of verve and also bought the Polarmallas company business. Through this business transaction, the Jellona Terwasnapsi recipe was transferred to Tornion Panimo. Piki tar liquor is a true product of the North. In it, the arctic water, pure alcohol and traditional northern Finnish tar are combined.

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Name Tornion Panimo – Brewery with long & rich tradition
Founded 2015
Industry Brewing industry
Employees 1-4
Panimonranta 3, 95400 Tornio Finland