Finnish Lapland in a Nutshell

Basic information and help on making your production work in Finnish Lapland.

Seasons & Weather

Lapland has four distinct seasons and versatile weather conditions that vary across the region. Our summers are warm and bright, lit up by the midnight sun, and our winters come with a snow guarantee. Our fall is truly a sight to behold as it presents the magnificent fall color show that paints the trees and forest floors in vivid hues of red, orange and yellow. Read more about our seasons and weather at the links below.

Unique Light Conditions

Thanks to its location up north, Lapland is home to unique light conditions you won’t find south of the Arctic Circle. While the midnight sun lights up the Arctic summer nights for weeks on end, the polar night offers magnificent color spectacles by painting the winter skies in vivid hues of pink, orange and purple. And then there’s the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, observable from late September to early April.