Every winter, the waterfalls in this fracture valley freeze, creating a series of stunning film locations. In summer, the canyon is a popular hiking destination.

The Korouoma Canyon is a fracture valley and nature reserve located in the municipality of Posio. The highlight of the 30-kilometer valley is its midpoint, where the canyon reaches its deepest point of 130 meters. Korouoma offers untouched Arctic wilderness and scenic views at both the top and bottom of the canyon.

Korouoma is known for the 14 frozen waterfalls that decorate the walls of the canyon for the better part of the year. Once the temperature drops below zero degrees Celcius in late fall, the formations begin to take their shape as the small streams running along the cliffsides turn to ice. The area is a popular spot for ice climbing.

In summer, Korouoma is home to many a flora and about 60 species of wildlife. The steep, rugged stony cliffs are a sight to behold, and River Korojoki enriches the lands by meandering at the bottom of the canyon.