Oulanka National Park in Lapland Finland
Photo by: Julia Kivelä | Visit Finland
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Visit unique nature destinations

In Finnish Lapland, all the wonders of nature are nearby. It might be a good idea to have a basecamp somewhere in the middle of Lapland, and visit the wonderful natural parks, trekking routes and vantage points nearby. Unique nature destinations are found in literally every direction.

In the North the great wilderness awaits you. Wander the landscapes and sleep in an open wilderness hut in the Urho Kekkonen National Park or take a boat ride into the homelands of Sámi people in Lemmenjoki National Park. Kevo Strict Nature Reserve in Utsjoki is the choice for a real Lapland lover because of the stark and unforgettable Arctic scenery along the way, and the demanding hiking routes.

Finland’s wild Northwestern arm – Käsivarsi – has the country’s most mountainous scenery. Halti Fell, the highest peak in Finland, can be reached all year round. A shorter walk from Kilpisjärvi village takes you to the top of the iconic Saana Fell.

In the West there is the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, the most popular Finnish national park. There you’ll enjoy Europe’s cleanest air and trek through the magnificent Arctic fells. There are several options for hiking routes: their length varies from a few hours to a few days!

While heading Southwest by following the border river with Sweden, you must visit Aavasaksa in Ylitornio for one of Finland’s official national landscapes. At the end of Bothnian Bay, near Kemi, there are the open waters and peaceful islands of the Bothnian Bay National Park. They are a haven for boaters and anglers. In winter, these northern waters are totally frozen over for many months, and the islands can be easily reached on ski or snowmobile.

In the South there are spectacular nature destinations, like the Korouoma Nature Reserve Area and the Riisitunturi National Park near Posio. They provide breath-taking canyon- and fell scenery for multiple activities both in winter and the summer. Riisitunturi is a well-known winter destination for its magical snow-capped trees and starry skies.

Southeast Lapland hosts the wild wooded hills of Syöte and Ruka. In Syöte National Park, untouched nature can be reached by hiking, snow-shoeing or biking. The raging rapids and thrilling trails of Oulanka National Park near Ruka Ski Resort provide an ideal setting for many activities. The 80 kilometres-long Karhunkierros, ‘The Bear’s Trail,’ is Finland’s most famous hiking route.

In the East you’ll find the lakeland of Kemijärvi, where the open waters take your breath away and enchanting villages put a smile on your face. While heading towards the Russian border, you’ll find the enchanting wilderness of Salla. In the Sallatunturi fell area, you’ll find several nature treks with day-trip huts and resting spots such as campfire sites. The landscape grows even wilder in Northeast of Lapland, Savukoski.

In central Lapland you’ll find the epic and ancient landscapes of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Ideal places for your basecamp could be Levi, Sodankylä or Rovaniemi – The Capital of Finnish Lapland. They also provide a lot of places to enjoy beautiful landscapes and trekking routes, for example: Kätkätunturi in Levi, Nattanen Fells in Sompio, northern Sodankylä. Even in Lapland’s largest city, Rovaniemi, you can enjoy a day traversing the Arctic Circle Hiking Area, just a few minutes away from the city center.