Summer Lake


Lake Inari is the perfect location for picturesque summer waters. The lake is surrounded by peaceful forests and Arctic fells, as well as many free-to-use wilderness huts. In the summer, its waves reflect the rays of the Midnight Sun for weeks on end, offering 24/7 sunlight for capturing water activities such as swimming, canoeing and cruising.

The shoreline of Lake Inari extends to some 3278 kilometers, making it the largest lake in Lapland and the third largest in all of Finland. Thanks to its considerable size, the lake can even resemble a sea from carefully chosen locations. With its versatile surroundings, Lake Inari offers different kinds of beach locations, from sandy to rocky and open to wooded. It is also home to some 3300 islands, including the iconic Ukonkivi, which has special significance in the Sámi culture.*

* Want to know more about filming with Sámi people?