Summer picnic at Kemijärvi, Finnish Lapland
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Lake view at Kemijärvi Finnish Lapland
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Snowboarding in Kemijärvi Finnish Lapland
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Sunset on Lake Kemijärvi Finnish Lapland

Kemijärvi & Suomu - Happy Lakeside Villages

Kemijärvi features a wonderful collection of idyllic villages, rich with history, and boundless nature, and Suomu fell is home to a ski and activity resort with some of the best slopes in Lapland. Follow the fells of Lapland to the peaceful lakeland of Kemijärvi.

Discover the villages of rural Lapland

The peaceful atmosphere of agricultural civilization, which began in Lapland almost 500 years ago, permeates the local culture here, taking cues from the distant fells and Finland’s longest river, Kemijoki. Kemijärvi, home to the large lake of the same name, and home to dozens of villages and towns. Go back to World War II and explore the Nazi bunkers and fortifications in Ketola. Or farther back still at the Local Museum in Juujärvi to learn about village life and the unique architecture of the Kemijärvi region. Hike sacred Ämmänvaara, just as the Sámi people did hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Water lovers will love Lake Kemijärvi, which offers both spectacle, thrills and intimate coves. Take your family to the fine sands of Kalkonniemi, or hop in a canoe and explore the nooks and crannies of the largest lake on the Kemijoki river.

When winter comes, the city of Kemijärvi and its environs are blanketed with a thick layer of snow. From the southeastern shores of the lake rises Suomu, home to a ski resort which has fostered Olympic champions throughout the 20th century. The fell is also a great place for snowshoe hikes and freeriding.

Surprisingly urban, wonderfully rural

Kemijärvi combines the idyllic nature of smalltown Lapland with shops, services and accommodation. The most iconic landmark in the town of Kemijärvi is the Church. In the town center you’ll find nice shops like Paapero, for children’s clothing designed and made in Kemijärvi. At the Poukama Spa, let the professionals show you how Lapland relaxes. Stop by Art Studio PMH to pick up an original painting from Kemijärvi artist Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna. When it comes time for dinner, try the pike, fresh from the lake. Many Finns consider Lake Kemijärvi pike the best in all of Finland!

Choosing accommodation is as easy as deciding how close to the wild you want to be. Urbanites will appreciate the comfort and convenience of downtown hotels like Mestarin Kievari, Hotel Kemijärvi, the Uitonniemi Shore Hotel or Holiday Centre Lohen Lomakeskus which sit on the edge of the lake. On the southern end of the lake, Suomu is home to the modern holiday village Suomun Villat, the Suomu Hotel, and the Suomun Mökit cottages, with a view of the slopes from every room.

Rocky fell in Kemijärvi Finnish Lapland
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Ice-fishing and swans at Kemijärvi Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Visit Kemijärvi
A summer beach under the clouds in Kemijärvi Lapland
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Stark winter scenery in Kemijärvi Finnish Lapland
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Winter bonfire in Kemijärvi, Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Visit Kemijärvi

Travel to Kemijärvi & Suomu

Flying to Kemijärvi and its surrounding areas is easy and convenient, it is only one hour by bus from Rovaniemi international airport.  If you’re driving, just hop on Route 82, and you’re there in about an hour. Coming from Helsinki or other southern cities? Take a sleeping car in the train and enjoy the overnight ride north.

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