holiday cabin in Posio Finland cabin
Photo by: Posio
Posio Finland winter art
Photo by: Posio
Reindeer in autumn, Lapland winter holiday, Posio
Photo by: MRP Matila Röhr Productions, Courtesy of Ailo's Journey
Polar Night in Riisitunturi, Lapland winter holiday, Posio
Photo by: MRP Matila Röhr Productions, Courtesy of Ailo's Journey
Autumn view with family in Posio, Finland
Photo by: Posio
summer art exhibition in Posio Finland summer
Photo by: Asta Kiema | Posio
Skiing holiday in Posio Finland in winter
Photo by: Posio | Lapland Material bank

Posio - Find Your Rhythm

Posio is many things: the center of Finnish ceramic culture, an idyllic town at the foot of Lapland’s most iconic fells, and the first destination awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland certification. In Posio, you’ll find your own rhythm among the endless landscapes, and the snow-capped forests will inspire the artistic visions inside you. Spend a day admiring the work of world-famous sculptors, or climb the fell alongside a pack of fluffy huskies and see what magic Posio inspires in you.

Posio in Lapland map location

How to get here?

The Kuusamo airport (65 km away) and the Rovaniemi airport (130 km) offer convenient connections year-round, either through Helsinki or directly to European cities. If you’re coming via train, Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi (97 km) are the closest stops.

Naturally magical 

As you stare up at the ropey layers of ice pouring down from the top of the cascade waterfall, a pair of red birds take flight. Unlike the birds, you have to go up the hard way. This is Posio’s famous Korouoma Canyon, the most popular ice-climbing in Finland. Every winter, the streams pouring over the top of the canyon slow to a crawl and freeze, creating not one but 14 impressive icefalls. But that’s why spiked shoes and climbing harnesses exist, right? 

Korouoma is no less exciting in summer and autumn, as the whole canyon is yours to explore. Over millions of years, the Korojoki river has carved a deep valley, and the 30 km hiking trail offers the perfect opportunity for bird watching, nature photography and recreational angling. Other off-the-beaten-paths that are sure to scratch your hiking itch include the trails at Karitunturi and Palotunturi.

Posio is where you can truly feel the cycles and patterns of nature. Summer gives way to autumn in an explosion of color, not just in the trees and bushes, but also in the night sky. Auroras alight over Posio in late August and continue until April or May. Riisitunturi National Park is the perfect place to watch the dance of the Northern Lights over a fairy tale forest. When winter begins banging her drum, the forest is transformed, a mixture of high humidity, heavy snowfall and pure magic. Strap on a pair of snowshoes and pick a trail. You won’t be disappointed. Or combine your trip to Riisitunturi with the excited puppers of Kota Husky. These happy and healthy dogs are ready and willing to pull you across the snow to heights and sights unheard of.

Riisitunturi National Park is also where many scenes from the movie Ailo’s Journey were filmed. The snow-crowned trees lend an quiet, ethereal presence to the little reindeer’s adventure across Finnish Lapland.

When summer drops in Posio, you’ll definitely want to visit the white sands and crystal waters of Lake Livojärvi, Lapland’s very own Riviera. Flock to the water’s edge for a picnic with the kids, volleyball and swimming. Or pack a tent and find your own secret spot to enjoy the picturesque lakeside. Even this close to the Arctic Circle, the sun is warm, the days are long, the waters inviting.

The Hirsiniemi hiking area begins near the eastern side of the lake, a 16 km journey through beach protection areas and along sandy ridges. And the best part? No matter if you come in the beating heart of winter or the lazy days of summer, Korouoma, Riisitunturi, Lake Livojärvi and Hirsiniemi are all within an hour’s drive of each other.

No Ordinary Ceramics: the culture of Posio 

The Posio wilderness, whether it’s endless Arctic forests coated orange by the Midnight Sun, or snow blanketing the fells, is a muse unlike any other. Just ask Posio’s most famous artist, Anu Pentik: living legend, an artist of worldwide renown, and the creator and founder of Pentik ceramics. Inspired by the landscapes and natural wonders of Posio, Anu still creates new work, even in her 70s. Your introduction to Posio ceramics will likely be the Anu Pentik Gallery in the town center. Its 8 meter high façade is made from broken production ceramics. The ceramics exhibitions inside change biannually. The Gallery is only one part of the Green Key-certified Pentik-Mäki Cultural Centre, which includes galleries, art, design and furniture exhibits, a factory shop for unique Pentik ceramics, and the International Coffee Cup Museum. Not surprising for the country that drinks the most coffee in the world.

Make sure you stop by the Lappi room for Lapland-inspired designs.

About 20 kilometers outside of town, the Pentik Manor is an artist’s residence, exhibition center, and art gallery. Anu and her husband renovated and converted this 19th century reindeer farm into a space where ceramic art thrives. When the summer sun finally melts away the last vestiges of winter, a visit to Pentik Manor combines southern Lapland scenery, rustic tradition and vintage modern art. 

Riisitunturi landscape, Lapland winter holiday, Posio
Photo by: Marko Junttila | Ailo movie
Art at Kirikeskus in Posio, Finland
Photo by: Harri Tarvainen | Posio
Frozen waterfall in Posio, Finland
Photo by: Markus Siivola | Posio
Reindeer in Riisitunturi, Lapland winter holiday, Posio
Photo by: MRP Matila Röhr Productions, Courtesy of Ailo's Journey
Posio Finland art house
Photo by: Minttu Häkkinen | Posio
Posio Finland summer mist
Photo by: Posio

A taste of Lapland 

Lapland is Europe’s last wilderness, and the food gathered, hunted and grown here reflects the purity and variety of the wild. Whether it’s the five-course menu at the Green Key-certified Restaurant Tapio, nestled in the forests of Lapland, or just a sample of wildberry marmalade, you can taste wild, pure Lapland in every bite. If you come in July, be sure to taste Posio’s famous vendace at the Muikkumarkkinat (Vendace Market). 

At the foot of Riisitunturi fell sits Korpihilla delicacy shop and café. This award-winning shop offers confectionary, syrups and more, made with fresh, wild herbs and berries. On a warm summer day, kick back on the terrace with a cup of coffee and watch the fluffy chickens play in the yard. 

Spend your nights in comfort and privacy at a holiday village. Nothing beats the ambiance and peace of the waves lapping the summer shores of Lake Kitkajärvi at Green Key-certified Holiday Village Himmerki. Spend an evening in the old stone sauna by the lake at Wilderness Hotel Kirikesus. Or snuggle up by the fireplace in a family cabin at Livohka. In downtown Posio, Hotel Lapin Satu offers convenience and style in a refurbished school year-round. Most Posio accommodations are located deep in the wilderness, quiet places where you can drift off to the peaceful whispers of nature.

Find your (nocturnal) rhythm in Posio.

Sustainable Posio

Speaking of Green Keys, Posio is the first destination in the country to be awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland certification. Most Posio travel services–including guiding and accommodations–are owned and operated by locals, and responsibility is a foundational aspect in the services offered. Learn more about Sustainable Posio.

Travel to Posio 

Posio is never too far away. The Kuusamo airport (65 km away) and the Rovaniemi airport (130 km) offer convenient connections year-round, either through Helsinki or directly to European cities. If you’re coming via train, Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi (97 km) are the closest stops. And the scenery and villages along Kemijoki river will soothe the stress right out of you.  

Highway 81 cuts through the Posio municipality and offers a peaceful drive directly from Rovaniemi. Highway E63, which connects to the city of Tampere in the south with Sodankylä in the north, also passes through Posio.  

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