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Finnish Lapland is home to 21 unique municipalities, spread across an area about the size of Portugal. With 200,000 reindeers and only 180,000 inhabitants, you’re more likely to come across wildlife than another living soul. Below, you’ll find all our destinations, each with its own rich history and character, and find all the information you need to start planning your next Arctic adventure.

  • Autumn colors in Kilpisjärvi, Lapland

    Enontekiö - True Lapland

    Looking for something a little more adventurous than a bustling ski resort? Enontekiö is home to Finland's only mountains, a wilderness wonderland, just waiting for your skis, hiking boots, snowmobiles, swimming trunks and fatbike. Explore the edge of the Arctic tundra and discover iconic fells and mythical forests, all under twinkling starlight. Keep your eyes peeled, for reindeer, hawks, wolverines … even the national animal of Finland: bears. Click here to learn more about Enontekiö & Kilpisjärvi.

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  • Sunset holiday cabin in Saariselka in winter

    Inari-Saariselkä - Explore Authentic Lapland

    The beating heart of the Sámi homeland, Inari-Saariselkä is the perfect place to experience life in the North Lapland, our heritage and culture, learn our history and future. The rugged landscape, complete with the largest national parks in Finland, are packed with adventures, sights and once-in-a-lifetime memories. While away your nights in a luxurious glass igloo, staring with fingers crossed at the sparkling night sky. Click here to learn more about Inari-Saariselkä.

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  • Ice castle in Kemi, Finland

    Kemi - Pearl of the Bothnian Sea

    From the shore of the Bothnian Sea, you can literally feel your stress melting away under the shining northern sun. The city of Kemi is the perfect place for your first taste of Lapland cuisine, fresh from the brackish waters. Spend a day exploring the largest snow castle in the world—even in midsummer—or lounge with the lazy sunrise as you stare at the frozen waterfront from inside a luxurious seaside villa. Click here to learn more about Kemi.

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  • Snowboarding in Kemijärvi Finnish Lapland

    Kemijärvi & Suomu - Happy Lakeside Villages

    There's nowhere in Lapland quite like Kemijärvi. Its long history of small rural villages sprouting up like globeflowers along the shores of the massive lake that bears its name have created a culture all its own. If it's the silence and solitude of the Arctic or the relaxing wellbeing of being so close to true wilderness you're looking for, Kemijärvi is the perfect place for you, your friends and family. Click here to learn more about Kemijärvi.

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  • Winter halo in Levi, Finland

    Levi - Spark Your Soul, All Year Round

    There's a very good reason Levi is the most popular activity resort in Finland. This bustling village is home to luxury chalets, log cabins or enchanting aurora igloos, with views of the fells and forests of western Lapland. Spend your days flying down the slopes on skis or snowboards in the winter or atop a fatbike in the summer. Take the kids to the zipline park. Or just relax in a hot spa as snowflakes drift outside the steamy windows. Click here to learn more about Levi.

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  • Atop the hills in Muonio in Lapland, Finland

    Muonio, Olos & Pallas - the Heart of Fell Lapland

    Western Lapland is home to some of the biggest, most wondrous fells (hills worn down during the Ice Age). Whether you're seeking a quiet, relaxing holiday full of soul-searching and inner peace, or a fun outing with the kids, Muonio has just the thing for you. Spend your nights dreaming away in authentic log cabins or luxurious glamping tents in the heart of Lapland wilderness. Click here to learn more about Muonio, Olos & Pallas.

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  • Talvimaisema Pellossa.

    Pello - the Fishing Capital of Finland

    Like a warm summer evening in late August, Pello sits on the border of many things. The river slices through the gentle hills, separating Finland and Sweden, creating a unique local identity found nowhere else. In summer, Pello is a salmon fishing paradise; in winter, it's ski slopes and reindeer farms. Overhead, the auroras and Milky Way compete for your attention all night long. Spend an evening in rural silence, far from the crowds and noise of the cities and see for yourself why Pello is a catch to remember.

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  • holiday cabin in Posio Finland cabin

    Posio - Find Your Rhythm

    A silent haven nestled among rolling hills, fairy tale forests and placid waters, Posio allows you to explore Lapland's natural gifts, and experience the creativity that nature inspires. Enjoy a day orienteering, ice-climbing or skiing in protected national parks, or discovering the ceramic creations at the Pentik Culture Center, taste the local ingredients in Posio's many restaurants and cafes, and remember to savor those moments of peace and quiet. Click here to learn more about Posio.

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  • Northern lights trip to Pyha - Luosto, Lapland

    Pyhä & Luosto – Authentic Adventures in Idyllic Lapland

    Whether you're staring at night skies chock full of sparkling stars and dancing auroras or sweating under the Midnight Sun on Arctic fellsides, you'll never forget your days and nights in Pyhä-Luosto. Enjoy the silence of the last wilderness in Europe, dig for amethysts (finders keepers) at a working mine, and spend your nights in igloos made of snow or glass. Click here to learn more about Pyhä-Luosto.

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  • Polar bear in Ranua, Lapland

    Ranua - Home of Finland's Polar Bears

    Known for polar bears and cloudberries, Ranua rounds south southern Lapland with authentic rustic culture and pristine silence. The zoo will introduce you and the kids to the animals of Lapland, before sending you out to explore the mystic marshes and peaceful forests. After a long day of thrills and chills, melt away your stress in a sauna before drifting off as close to nature as possible on a floating aurora hut or in a log cabin amid the whispering pines. Click here to learn more about Ranua.

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  • Northern Lights trip in Rovaniemi, Finland

    Rovaniemi - Capital of Finnish Lapland & Hometown of Santa Claus

    The title just about says it all, doesn't it? Rovaniemi is the perfect place to truly experience Lapland. Explore our easy access nature trails, snap that perfect #travel photo, discover Arctic fashions and design and spend a night in a glass igloo, snow hotel, or the world-famous Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. Oh, don’t forget to spend a day of Christmas fun at Santa Claus Village. No matter the date, there's a bearded guy in a red suit looking forward to your visit. Click here to learn more about Rovaniemi.

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  • Northern Lights in Ruka, Scandinavia

    Ruka & Kuusamo - Follow the Coordinates of Snow & Nature

    Heart-pumping adventures and fun for the whole family await you in Ruka & Kuusamo. The perfect launchpad for excursions into deep forests, across river rapids, where you might see a reindeer or two (thousand), Arctic birds, brown bears ... Ruka offers easy access to stunning overlooks and breathtaking vistas with hiking, biking and skiing trails, while the carbon-neutral Ruka Ski Resort offers guilt-free winter thrills. Click here to learn more about Ruka-Kuusamo.

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  • Polar night in Salla Finland

    Salla - In the Middle of Nowhere

    It's hard to overstate the silence of Salla, where you're more likely to hear reindeer bells than church bells, and the wind whispering through endless forests. The people who live here have a culture all their own, molded by their solitude, love of sweat and skis. Salla is also the leader in ecotourism and green adventures in Finnish Lapland. Click here to learn more about Salla.

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  • Snowshoeing trip to Sodankylä, Finland

    Sodankylä & Sompio - Call of the Living Backwoods

    In Sodankylä, the silent majesty of the Milky Way beckons, inviting you to explore the dense forests and bountiful marshes, to discover the southernmost Sámi villages in Finland, pan for gold nuggets, and to enjoy the last wilderness in Europe. Watching movies under midnight sun sounded fun, and suddenly you notice it has become one of yours "can’t miss summer event". Stretch your legs, clear your head as you wander among the snow-crowned pines and hike the stony red fells. Take your time; the rest of the world can wait. Click here to learn more about Sodankylä.

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  • Snow in Syöte, Finland in winter

    Syöte & Pudasjärvi & Taivalkoski - Winter Wonderland

    Winter in Syöte is a wondrous time, as this area gets more snow than anywhere else in Finland. Spend your time exploring the snowy expanses and frosty forests, creating magical memories with the family, or just enjoying the peace and quiet of Arctic solitude. Summer is just as exciting, biking or hiking through northern forests and backwood bogs. After a day of adventures, spend your nights in an aurora suite, staring at the dark skies, or in any of Syöte’s cozy, unforgettable suites. Click here to learn more about Syöte.

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  • Utsjoki Lapland, Best place to see northern lights

    Utsjoki - Slow Down

    Northernmost Lapland sits on the edge of the Arctic tundra, where the wind whips away all sound, all stress. The vistas here are guaranteed to make any other #traveler jealous. On a hike across the Paistunturi scrubland, you're more likely to encounter a reindeer here than another soul, but the people you'll meet are warm and authentic, and just as tough as the gnarled birch trees that dot the landscape. Click here to learn more about Utsjoki.

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  • winter bucket list, Lapland, Ylläs

    Ylläs - First by Nature

    Chosen as the best outdoor destination in Scandinavia in 2020, Ylläs represents the best of what Lapland has to offer. Home to the Finland's largest ski resort and the most popular national park with the purest air in the world, Ylläs is the bucket list destination for any nature loving traveler. Seven fells and authentic small villages at their feet offer offer excitement, serenity and exotic wilderness adventures. Click here to learn more about Ylläs.

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