Passenger traffic Lapland 2007-2017

Passenger traffic Lapland_2007-2017-01

Passenger traffic Lapland Airports 2007-2017

Lapland Passenger Traffic

Lapland Passenger Traffic Monthly

10 Facts About Tourism in Lapland 2017

10 facts about tourism in Lapland 2017_Final

Lapland´s industry

Lapland´s industry

Value of Lapland´s exports

Lapland´s proportion of turnover from significant industry sectors

Lapland`s proportion of turnover

Distribution of Lapland´s industry

Distribution of Laplands industry

Lapland industries by sub-regions

Lapland industries by sub-regions

10 Facts About Tourism in Lapland 2016

10 facts about tourism in Lapland

10 Facts About Lapland

Accommodation Capacity

Accommodation capacity in Lapland

Arctic Council Fact Sheet

Arctic Economic Council Fact Sheet

Briefing paper: logistics

Briefing paper: mining

Briefing paper: bioeconomy

Briefing paper: winter testing

Briefing paper: circular economy