Illustration of Arctic Smart Village concept

Arctic Smart Village concept – A new solution for living

ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy created a concept which offers a new option for those who dream about living in the countryside. For municipalitiesArctic Smart Village is an opportunity to invite new residents to move in and thus increase the area’s vitality 

Arctic Smart Village is a global, environment, and resident-friendly housing model that uses the sharing economy’s applications to increase resource wisdom. Smart Village related living factors are observed from different angles to implement better quality of life for those living in Smart Villages.

– A cooperative-based housing model offers a cheaper way to build houses and reduce the cost of living. Smart Village concepts are not only focused on finding new ways to reduce housing costs but also to find business opportunities to generate income for the community, explains ASV’s CEO Juri Laurila.

The countryside’s vitality challenges are congruent worldwide. ASV’s concept goal is to improve the countrysides’ vitality by inviting new residents to move in. The Smart Village concept has risen interest in Finland and abroad already since the business’ start.

Smart Village concept offers partnership opportunities

The municipalities can attract new residents effectively with small risks using the Smart Village concept. Laurila tells that ASV is focusing on acquiring new customers. The company itself does not build anything, but it creates an operating environment and preliminary area plans for acquiring residents together with the municipalities and other clients.

The service portal serves all customers from private users to companies. Through the website, it is possible to book a place for a new Smart Village, take part in a competitive tendering process, and get information from new projects. This type of open service platform provides the newest innovations that can be used in future building projects.

According to Laurila, the company strives for growth and internationalization – a niche market has already been established. To increase AVS’s growth, the business needs partners and capital for marketing, export preparation for the target market being in Europe, Asia, and the United States. 

ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy is a start-up business established in 2017. They provide customer acquisition services, consultation to start a vibrant community & tendering services. ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy’s product is a Smart Village concept – a way to increase municipalities population.