Please find below a selection of productions filmed completely or partially in Lapland.

film Snow Flower
By Director Kojiro Hashimoto | A-Films
Year 2018
spot Coca-Cola - First Time Seeing Snow
By Director Taito Kawata | Miltton Creative | Cocoa Media Productions
Year 2018
film Aurora
By Director Miia Tervo | Dionysos Films
Year 2018
tv Arctic Circle
By Director Hannu Salonen | Yellow Film & TV, Bavaria Fiction
Year 2018
Newborn Ailo reindeer
film Ailo's Journey
By Director Guillaume Maidatchevsky | MRP Matila Röhr Productions, Borsalino Productions
Year 2018
Shell helix ultra commercial thumbnail
spot Shell Helix Ultra
By Director Mark Jenkinson | Carnage Film | JWT London
Year 2017
The Audi R8 with snow mode
spot Audi R8 Snow
By Director Mark Jenkinson | Rogue Films | BBH London
Year 2017
Reindeer with a tipi
tv Gordon Buchanan: Reindeer Family and Me
Year 2017
Napapiirin sankarit
film Lapland Odyssey 3
By Director Tiina Lymi | Yellow Film & TV
Year 2016
Bachelor by the campfire
tv The Bachelor (USA)
By NZK Productions
Year 2016
spot Alipay Blue Magic Santa
By Alipay | Flatlight Creative House
Year 2016
Audi Shaman
spot Audi Shaman DC
By Iconoclat | Thjnk Berlin
Year 2015

Comprehensive list of productions

View a comprehensive list of productions filmed in Lapland 2007-2018 below.