Hotel Bassi is a new investment opportunity in Pyhä
Photo by: Pelkosenniemen kunta

Hotel Bassi – the first five-star hotel in Pyhätunturi

Tourism in Pyhätunturi area has grown steadily by two digits for the past four years. Lapland and Pyhä are constantly developing, but Pyhätunturi is so far still missing its first five-star hotel. The project Luxury Hotel Bassi is looking for an investor and an operator.

Hotel Bassi, Pyhätunturi

  • 108 rooms
  • 135 apartments (chalet)
  • Spa
  • Gross building area 20 000 sqm
  • Budget 38-42 milj €
Map Pyhä and Luosto, Lapland

Mika Tenhunen, development manager in Pelkosenniemi municipality describes the planned hotel.

– Hotel Bassi will be a five-story and 108 room luxury hotel with large rooms, starting from 28 square meters up to 108 square meters. The exterior has a classic overall appearance, whereas the decor inside is comfortable and inspired by Lappish nature. Therefore, Hotel Bassi offers an ideal hideaway location with beautiful nature, breathtaking views and privacy – yet being close to all amenities.

Photo by: Pelkosenniemen kunta

A developing tourism destination within easy reach

Pyhätunturi is accessed via plane and train easily. Nearest airports are in Rovaniemi, Kittilä, and Kuusamo. Rovaniemi airport is located 90 minutes away from Pyhä, and the SkiBus shuttle operates after every flight.  Kuusamo airport (195 km) and Kittilä airport (155 km) are also quite near. By train, the closest stops are at Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi. The SkiBus shuttle operates also from these locations.  Pyhä is reachable all year round.

In Pyhätunturi (Pelkosenniemi municipality) there were over 97 000 registered overnight stays in 2019 and the busiest months were February, March and December. The share of international overnights is around 19 % of the total overnights, but there are strong efforts in increasing international tourism in the area.

Pyhä is a part of a larger tourism area, Pyhä-Luosto. In 2019 there were 179 000 registered overnight stays and the number of domestic tourists grew around five percent from the year before. In Pyhä-Luosto the overall accommodation sales were 7,5 million euros.

Winter season is stronger at the moment but summer tourism is developing positively. During the summer and autumn seasons, Pyhä has to offer many activities, including horseback riding, hiking, biking & canoeing. Finland’s oldest national park Pyhä-Luosto is open all year round. Pyhä has development potential during the summer season.

Hotel Bassi as a response to the growing tourism demand

The registered accommodation capacity has grown really modestly compared to the growth of tourism demand in the area. Therefore, there is a need for high-quality accommodation for all year round.  Tenhunen informs that at the moment Hotel Bassi is looking for an operator and an investor.

– Preliminary plans and feasibility study for the project has been made. The gross building area is 20 000 square meters and investment would be 38-42 million euros.

Hotel Bassi location on the map


Pelkosenniemi municipality
Business Development Coordinator Mika Tenhunen, +358 40 195 0488

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