Reindeer reflected in Arctic lake, making of Ailo's Journey in Lapland

Production & Location References

“The landscapes and locations of Finnish Lapland are spectacular and dramatic.”
Sally Harvey, Senior VP of Productions, HBO

“You simply never lose the light … it’s definitely magical.
The Magic Hour is like Magic Ten Hours.”
Lori Balton, location scout

“Easily the wildest part of Europe …
and I think one of the easiest places to make look beautiful on camera.”
Gordon Buchanan, wildlife filmmaker

Lapland is wild. Magical. Beautiful. But don’t take our word for it. Here are references from film professionals from all over the world on Lapland’s unique qualities.


Filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians in Lapland
KUWTK came to Lapland to capture winter magic for their reality tv series. The production loved the grand scenery and the helpful local support and production services. 
The Fast & the Flurrious - Racing on Ice Tracks in Lapland
Motor Trends and Range Rover crafted an exciting race between two world-famous racecar drivers on Lapland's frozen tracks.
Filming A Reindeer's Journey
“Filming in Lapland here has made me realize that we still have wild locations in the world.” – Director Guillaume Maidatchevsky
The Rough Side of an Arctic City – Filming Romantic Comedy Aurora in Lapland
Written with the rougher side of Lapland in mind, this romantic comedy production was impressed by the landscapes & locals.
Romance Under the Auroras - Filming Snow Flower in Lapland
This Japanese romantic drama took advantage of Lapland's near-zero light pollution, frequent auroras and untouched Arctic.
Lapland’s Arctic Conditions Perfect for Commercial Shoot
The biggest-ever commercial shoot in Lapland was the latest proof of our film-making efficiency, flexibility and competence.
The Potential is Here! Film Lapland Fall 2018 Fam Tour
Attendees were impressed by the autumn colors, stony fells and helpful locals on the Fall 2018 Fam Trip to Lapland.
Chinese Superstars, Finnish Auteur & Arctic Fells: Master Cheng Comes to Lapland
The script called for a retro-looking building set in a small village. Director Kaurismäki’s first choice was Lapland.
German Reality Production Captures Wonderful Lapland Wedding
Korn Konzept captured a wonderful Finnish wedding in Rovaniemi & was amazed by the warmth, Midnight Sun & production assistance.
Gordon Buchanan in Lapland - the Wildest Part of Europe
This wildlife filmmaker traveled to Lapland to shoot a show about the Sámi people and their special bond with reindeer. 
The Last Ones - Northern Crime Drama Filmed in Lapland
Estonian director Veiko Õunpuu shot his new feature-length production, The Last Ones in Finnish Lapland.
Chinese TV Crew Charmed by Arctic Filming Experience
Chinese TV crew of Seeking the World was charmed by the friendly people and breathtaking nature in Finnish Lapland.
Location Scout Lori Balton Discovers Magic Hours of Lapland
”The light, landscapes and unbroken silence make Lapland definitely stand out of the crowd as a filming location."
Filming the Bachelor in Romantic Lapland
Flatlight, with Lapland Safaris & Lapland Hotels, provided local services for The Bachelor (US) in Finnish Lapland.
Love and Magic in Lapland for the Bachelor
The 3 last episodes of the Bachelor (S21) were filmed in Lapland in Nov. 2016. Here's the crew on working in Finnish Lapland!
Finnish Lapland Enchants on ABC’s Hit Romance Reality Series The Bachelor
The northernmost episodes ever shot for the Bachelor (US) were filmed in Season 21 in the winter wonderland of Finnish Lapland.
Filming a Travel Show in Lapland
Le Plein de Sensations filmed in Lapland in April 2017. The production appreciated the free services of Film Lapland.
War – Bollywood Blockbuster in Lapland
Yash Raj Films chose Lapland to film an exciting car chase across ice for their Bollywood blockbuster action film War.