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8 facts about Arctic dating and mating

The colder climate the hotter the loving. Animals as well as people want to make the most out of the beautiful yet short Arctic summer, it's time for Arctic dating and mating!

The Romantic Hero Behind Arctic Weddings

Erkki Parkkinen, the mayor of Salla in eastern Lapland, has a side business that has changed the lives of many. On his free time, he marries couples.

Looking for Love on the Arctic Circle

The crew and stars of US reality TV series The Bachelor headed to Rovaniemi in November 2016 to produce the tenth and last episode.

The Bachelor Inspired: The Gift Of Love

This package lets you in on all the secrets of a long-lasting relationship right at the Arctic Circle.

The Bachelor Inspired: The Grand Finale

Experience the arctic same way as The Bachelor did, in the breath-taking sceneries of both two destinations: Rovaniemi and Saariselkä.

Hot on the Trail of The Bachelor in Lapland: Romance and Reindeer

Champagne, roses, a log fire blazing in an open hearth, blue light fading through the window, the Northern Lights flickering over treetops and snow gathering in knee-deep drifts at the door. What could be more romantic?

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