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Commercial shoot in Lapland

The biggest-ever commercial shoot in Finnish Lapland was the latest proof of film-making efficiency, flexibility and competence in this part of the world.

3 Essential Ways to Survive the Cold (when Filming in the Arctic)

Learn from the locals how to keep yourself warm and safe when filming in the Arctic. This handy guide covers your clothing, your driving and your equipment.

Winter in Lapland – Prepared for Extreme Conditions 

Uniquely brilliant light and wide skies--nowhere else on Earth combines the scenery and extreme conditions of winter with such an efficient support network.

Movie Cameras Keep Rolling in Lapland’s Polar Night

Polar Night, more accurately described as Polar twilight is a time of intense colors in the sky; blue dusk and dawn, pink, orange and purple twilights.

First-Snow Lapland: Fine for Filming

There is something universally magical and exciting about the first snow of the winter. Once it arrives, the snow cover lasts up to seven months.

Light Up Your Life with Aurora Borealis!

The Northern Lights viewing season in the north lasts from September through to April, Finnish Lapland is one of the best places on the planet to see them.

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