flowers & sun in Lapland
Photo by: Anna Muotka

Photographer of the Month: Anna Muotka

We are featuring a new guest photographer every month, with their top 3 photo picks and professional tips for filming in Lapland. Our photographer of May 2017 is Anna Muotka.

Since I was little, I’ve been jack of all trades, master of none: I get really interested in everything and want to know more, but I never perfect anything. This description suits me also in the world of photography. Photography is my passion, and I need to get in the woods constantly to explore our amazing world through the lens. In photography, I’m especially interested in the change of seasons’ living light. Oh, how many times I’ve thanked the Universe that I happened to be born in Lapland – the land of 8 seasons!

Here are my top 3 pics with tips:


This photo was taken at my home waterfront in October 2015, and it represents the meeting of fortunes. The first snow had just started to fall when I saw two geese arriving to our waterfront. I approached the geese carefully and they were obviously watching me the same way. I had never seen geese this north before, so I supposed them to be wild. However, soon they were eating from hand, and later we heard that those geese were runaways from a nearby farm. What a beautiful encounter anyway – and what a shot!

Tip: Seize the chance when the time comes – it doesn’t matter what time of the day is. You’ll probably never get another and life is too short for shillyshallying. The best shots are often taken with pure luck – or at the least those which will make the biggest impact in the photographer herself.

swans in Lapland


One of the most important lessons I had during the days when I was studying to be a professional photographer was that there is no need to go further than the sea for fish to find something interesting to photograph. We made an exercise where everyone of us students got a compass point and a number of foot steps to take in that direction. When you reached the point, you had to make a photo series from that place – being not allowed to move your feet the slightest bit. That lesson has been one of the best lessons in photography ever.

At the moment I’m working with my own art project ’Arroyo’ from which this photo is part of. This project is about the details of springs and waters. The reflections are a certain kind of psychological ink spot test: every beholder sees what they want to see. I took all photos in springs and waters that are familiar to me.

Tip: No need to go further than the sea for fish. See the beauty and potential near you.

Reflection in Lapland waters


Last year I found a new feature in my camera: multiple exposure. Of course you can also make double or multiple exposures in Photoshop, but this technique you’ll use manually in the present moment: first take one shot and then you’ll make a puzzle with another or more… just like back in the golden film time! You’ll never know what you’re gonna get exactly and this unknown factor really fascinates me.

This photo was taken in February 2017 in Levitunturi fell. I was hoping to see an amazing sunset but the clouds came and covered it creating really flat light in the surrounding scenery. I wanted to try whether the double exposure would make the landscape look more interesting –  and sure it did.

Tip: Bravely try new things and take over different techniques, then you’ll seldom come home with empty hands. In my opinion, photography is after all about trying new things, finding perspectives and creating inventive solutions. These features will come into play when you have enough knowledge about your equipment. This know-how will arise only by testing and playing with your camera.

So – go out with your phone, film or digital camera to play, learn and –  most importantly – to have fun! 🙂

fells in Lapland
Anna Muotka, Arctic nature photographer

Name: Anna Muotka
Age: 27
Based in Rovaniemi & Muonio, Lapland Finland
Occupation: Professional photographer (VAT) and a teacher-to-be
Fun fact: I’m also passionate climate activist, urban gardener and tea lover

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