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Scandia Rent Knows Snowy Roads - Rental Cars in Lapland

When it comes to logistics for your film production and finding rental cars in Lapland, Scandia Rent is the trustworthy partner.

Reindeer in the Spotlight - Filming Lapland Reindeer

Miia Merkku knows the challenges in filming Lapland reindeer, and her company Arctic Reindeer is ready to meet those challenges head-on.

Arctic Reindeer - Filming Reindeer

Located only 8 km from the Rovaniemi city center, Arctic Reindeer farm can provide you with everything you need to accomplish your for filming reindeer.

Wilderness Hotel Nellim - Sámi Culture and Hidden Wilderness Huts

Wilderness Hotel Nellim resorts can accommodate up to 600 people in their four authentic styled hotels, just a half an hour ride from the airport of Ivalo.

The Land of Reindeer

There are more reindeer (200 000) than people (180 000) in Lapland. The area for reindeer husbandry covers over one third of Finland’s total area.

SantaPark - Ultimate Christmas Film Location

SantaPark along with its other venues is the perfect one-stop shop for productions looking to film a Christmas themed piece, and much more.

  • House of Lapland Oy
  • Valtakatu 11, 96100 Rovaniemi
  • +358 40 839 38 58