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Seven Top Accommodations in Lapland for Film Productions 

Your actors, directors and crew deserve the best accommodations in Lapland, suited to match their desire for luxury, privacy, novelty and access to top-notch services.

3 Essential Ways to Survive the Cold (when Filming in the Arctic)

Learn from the locals how to keep yourself warm and safe when filming in the Arctic. This handy guide covers your clothing, your driving and your equipment.

Snow and Ice Tracks All Year Round

With 6 months of winter and an indoor track, Test World is a vehicle and tire testing facility that provides snow and ice tracks for driving all year round.

Your Winter Driving Specialists

For filmmakers, Lapland Driving has high-quality ice and snow tracks, well-equipped garages and maintenance shops along with restaurants and office spaces.

From Advertisements to Full-scale Multicam Productions

Focused on video production and photography, Photokrafix helps you realize your production with solid expertise in Arctic conditions and a zeal for service.

Lapland - Like Nowhere Else on Earth

Most films feature stand-in locations. When you need certain locations, it's easier to hop a short flight to Lapland than to Siberia or Antarctica.

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